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I'd love to try it out, but hope that LWD heeds the sentiment of several posters here who would prefer a frame without the damned finger grooves. With the advent of the factory "SF" models, the opportunity for LWD to innovate would have to entail combining the accessory rail with a Gen-1 style grip frame. Interchangeable backstraps would be good, too, since that is an oft-requested feature.

Variety is not a bad thing here.
Agreed. I searched far and wide, and paid premium prices, for 1st Gen G17's, becuase they are, hands down, my favorite. My only two hatreds of my favorite pistol are the damn finger grooves with don't fit my little bitty paws, and the damn "accessory rail" that catches on the lower lip of the Sport Combat holster, impeding a smooth draw.

When factory conflicts with factory, go to an earlier factory model which didn't.

If they offered this receiver with finger groove/no finger groove options, with accessory rail/plain dust cover options, we'd definitely talk.

I'd like to carry a cool custom Glock.

"What's that you're carrying, Renny? I thought you were a hardcore Glock man?"

"It's a custom Glock."

"Custom? Glock? It don't LOOK like a Glock."

"That's why it's custom. See?"

"Ooooohhh....where'd you get that?"

"Wouldn't YOU like to know?"

Isn't the Glock frame considered the actual firearm? How will this new frame work as far as serial numbers? Or will it not have one? What will the legal ramifications be in a self defense shooting?
The new frame will, by law, have a serial number. Hopefully LW will even allow (possibly??) custom serial numbers for a nominal fee? (Not speculating...hoping, and giving a hint for cooler customization AND more revenue for LW, which translates to more R&D and more cool STUFF!)

Since the receiver IS the firearm, and it HAS a serial number, and is transferred LEGALLY through an FFL as the firearm itself, the rest of the gun is just parts.

And parts is parts.

As far as a self-defense shooting, I'd say it'd be close to the equivalent of a self-defense shooting with a built-up-from-the-frame 1911 -- that is, it's a pistol, made to your custom spec, that is street legal. Whatever a prosecutor wants to do with that information is entirely up to him.

Me, I'm kinda enamored of the whole thing, except for the fact that this custom receiver STILL has the two things I hate most about the new Glocks, and wish there was some way to get a bit more customization for the "purists" who thought the original G17 was/is the best configuration for the Glock.

Heck, I'd even compromise and accept a Gen 2 type frame, with the stippling on the front and backstrap, as long as there were no finger grooves nor an accessory rail I'd never use.

But hey, that's just me.

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