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Originally Posted by revel8 View Post
what did kimber do that you are referring to if you dont mind me asking................?

Kimber KDP. Their entry into the overcrowded plastic fantastic category. Advertised it for 2 years. Then all of the sudden they shelved it. Said they were not going to produce it. That's just the lastest example.

Another one: Taurus, when they first introduced the PT1911, said in their ads for quite some time that models in 9mm and .40 were forthcoming. Then all mention of other calibers ceased appearing in their ads. We won't even mention commander sized guns.

I can probably think of more.

Now, don't get me wrong, if LWD makes one, I'll probably take a hard look at it. I can practically guarantee I'll buy if the frame is available in the G19 sized frame.
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