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Originally Posted by JBarbaresi View Post
nice collection and nice pics. its funny how quickly your "inventory" grew from the original posting. i have a sage 1, delica g10, and dragonfly 2. the sage is my favorite knife i own and my edc blade.

how do you like the g10 dragonfly vs. the dfly2?
My justification is that they're cheaper than guns! :D My SCAR-16S cost more than all my knives put together. I've been on a gun-buying break, so this is my current diversion.

The Dragonfly is a G10 version with steel liners. The D-fly 2 is an FRN model. I've only fondled them (got them today). The biggest difference is that the FRN model is much lighter. Super-light! They are nice little knives, though.
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