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Lum is YUM - Carbon Fiber Goodness!

Many of the photos I've seen of the Lum so far just don't do it justice. The CF pattern in the photos appears 2-dimensional.... almost a painted on "diamond-plate" look.

The real thing is very 3-dimensional. The surface is very smooth as if the CF is encased in clear acrylic.

So, I got my macro photo set-up out at the office and played with the lighting balance to see if I could bring out the real beauty in pictures. Here we go:

This photo has a flash flare reflecting back, but it demonstrates the very smooth glass-like surface.
The SHOT ShowCase

I just realized my settings on this photo were wrong, so it's a bit fuzzy... lost depth of field:
The SHOT ShowCase

OK... super close-up... If you use flat, balanced lighting, it flattens the appearance of the CF in photos and really belies the beauty of this material:
The SHOT ShowCase

So, let's play with the balance of my ring flash and bias it to one side and see what happens. Now we can see some of the texture and depth:
The SHOT ShowCase

Here's another angle from a bit further back:
The SHOT ShowCase

Now we're talkin'!

And another:
The SHOT ShowCase

Hope you all enjoyed! I'm tellin' ya... the Lum with the Nishijin Carbon Fiber is a work of art... a jewel. Hands-down the prettiest Spydie out there (IMHO).
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