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Originally Posted by CynicX View Post
I've always been curious about the C models. The definitely look cool. However I purposely ordered an OD G32 not C because I wanted the full muzzle velocity and energy. It just didnt make sense to loose even a tiny bit of power to reduce muzzle rise, if it was too bad (for me) I'd have just gone with a more controllable caliber.

Just quoting from the Glock manual there is 100 J less muzzle energy with the G32C vs the G32. I guess I have to shoot one though...
I'm loving my G32 and I've felt the same way - have been considering the Wolf ported barrels that stick out of the slide. Not sure if I like that look though. Ideally, I'd LOVE a Gen4 G31c, with the grip chopped to G32 length for CCW. Now THAT would be a thing of beauty.

Congrats on the sweet purchase!
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