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Since I last posted, I've moved out of an Auxiliary position into a part-time Police Officer. It's time for an update on my set up, since it now no longer looks anything like what I posted before.

Here's the set up:

The SHOT ShowCase

Biachi Accumold Elite duty belt
Safariland basketweave STX mag pouch
Glock 23 mags stoked with 180gr Speer Gold Dots
Keeper with keys.
Swivel radio holder
S&W Model 100 chain cuffs in a Don Hume open top carrier
Safariland latex glove pouch
21" ASP in ASP rotating scabbard
Glock 23 in Safariland 6360 holster - STX Basketweave finish
Peerless hinged cuffs in Don Hume open top holder.

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