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Originally Posted by tusk212 View Post
The SHOT ShowCase
The SHOT ShowCase
Left to Right: All Bianchi AccuMold unless specified. MKIII DefTec OC, Double Cuff Pouch w/ Peerless 700's, Key Holder, Uncle Mikes radio holder, PolyStinger LED DS in a American Warrior nylon holder made by Stallion Leather, 21'' ASP, Glock 17 w/ X300 in a 6360, 2 mags. There is a total of 6 Uncle Mikes molded keepers mixed in there too.
That layout is alot like mine. We have to thread our duty belt through our pant loops so I'd have to take it all apart to take a pic (I'm wearing it that way right now, with class B's, no less).
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