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Originally Posted by tusk212 View Post
I really like the mag pouch. I have a *ahem* slightly larger waist but I like it because it has a smaller footprint which allows my velcro underbelt and the velcro on the duty belt to make more contact and be more stable. I cannot stand to have stuff moving around. I also like it because its one of the only pouches I can wear vertical that doesnt poke my in the quad when sitting in the cruiser/squating/ whatever else that requires the leg to bend.

The only piece of gear on my belt I'm not happy with is the Blackhawk! flashlight holder for my Strion LED. Ive lost count how many times I got out of the car only to hear the sound of the Strion bouncing off the pavement. I have a new pouch from Stallion on the way so hopefully that will cure the problem.
What brand is that mag holder?
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