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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post

What exactly is the benefit of this holster over a 6280?

I'm not really seeing one.

******* I can't wait for a pro. Gunners really finish it off. I'll have the *exact* same setup. Great minds think alike?
The ALS/6360 automatically locks the gun in upon reholstering, even if the hood is rotated down. The design results in a little bit less friction retention, which means less drag on the gun during the draw. The ALS "lever" is deactivated as part of the gripping of the gun and pushing the SLS hood down. There is no second motion. It also provides a second point of indexing on the draw, which I think helps make for better, more positive draws.

Long story short: same draw stroke as the 6360, more retention, faster and more consistent draw.

I think that we have MAYBE two or thee people left at my agency not using this of them has one on order. I am yet to talk to anybdy who did not prefer it...and for the record, I was not sold on these when they came out. I bought one when the tac-light version came out because I wanted the automatic locking that I missed from the Raptor and never looked back. I've got at least five of them for different guns.

Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
Nice setup. Is there an option for that thumb lever release to make it Level 4?
You can add the SLS sentry, but I would strongly suggest against it for two reasons.

1: the sentry requires you to move your thumb backwards to disable the sentry and then forwards to disable the hood and ALS lever. On a 6280/6004/6005 type holster, it works fine, on the Raptor and ALS, it makes the draw needlessly complicated.

2: The sentry mounted on the ALS and Raptor holsters tears my thumb knuckle up on reholstering. Does not do that on the 6280.
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