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Originally Posted by Cochese View Post
Bradley, I need me a picture(s) of your Professional. Preferably in your new holster!

I don't suppose you have the P/N from will fit memorized for a Springer Pro with a X2/300 + pressure switch in STX/Fine tac for a lefty?

Pics, I need pics!
The holster/finish is 6360-560, but i do not know the code for left hand. Right hand is -131.

The 1911 ALS has a stupid plastic shroud around the ALS button, which absolutely kills the draw and disabling of the safety. I tried to like it, but ended up taking a dremel to it and removing it so that it is more like the Glock 6360. I like the result much better than the original. I believe that the shroud is to keep the safety from being flicked off while in the holster, but it did not do anything for re-enabling the safety if the gun was accidentally holstered without it.

My modification has made the draw faster, disabling of the safety absolutely part of the draw, and allows my OCD ass to check that the safety is on with the gun in the holster. Win-Win-Win for me.

On the tape switch: SF makes two different ones that techincally apply. The DG-18 is supposed to be for Springers and Sigs and maybe S&W. The DG-18A is supposed to be for the Kimbers, which have a slightly longer trigger guard, causing the DG-18 not to fit flush. I ended up having to return the DG-18 and order a DG-18A for the Springfield. Even SF was puzzled.

I will try to remember to get pics when I get home. I have replaced the grips on the pro with a set of gunner grips...they are definitely the grips that should have come on the gun from the factory.
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