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TGO-1 vs. Trophy Match vs. Loaded pics.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, just a guy with a camera and guns. I reserve the right to be wrong.

Well i had the day off today (actually worked all day yesterday until 4am today) and decided to finally take some pics of the 3 different level's of guns Springfield sells. i guess i could've borrowed knedrgr's mil-spec to add to this too, but i didn't, so

I used the TGO-1 form the Custom Shop, the Trophy Match and the Loaded for this comparison. They are visually similar guns (target & FO sights, magwells, and flat triggers) but are different levels of guns that Springfield produces. This thread is just to show the differences that one is getting for the money that they are paying. I frequently post the Springfield vs. Springfield article when someone wants to know the difference between the Trophy Match, Loaded and mil-spec. I'm a visual type of guy, which also shows that i grew up in Missouri (the "Show Me" state) and thought pictures can show the details better than words.

The TGO-1 is a Custom Shop gun which less than 200 have been produced. The last one i've seen for sale was made 6/25/2010 and was number 150. It's a really tight gun and is the tightest gun that i own.
The SHOT ShowCase

The Trophy Match is "high-end" production gun. what's this mean? It receive's more attention to fitting, but not as much as a semi-custom.
The SHOT ShowCase

The Loaded is a production gun. Most people buy guns in this category. The parts are mass produced and has less attention to fitting than the other 2 groups.
The SHOT ShowCase
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