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SIG C3 review

I had been looking for a "non-Kimber" 4" 1911 for about a year and tried several, finally settling on the SIG C3. I already have a Kimber Tactical Ultra, which, with thin grips, I really like, so thus no Kimber. I wanted match quality, but total reliability. Night sights did not matter but I wanted a light weight. Why a 4", because I wanted one.

Here is the SIG link:

Here we go.

I've seen it billed as a 6+1 and a 7+1 pistol, mine came with 2 magazines which each held 7 rounds. The overall fit and finish was pretty good. There are a few gaps on the rear at the slide rail interface, but I have to realize this is not a hand fit pistol. I got the Nitron frame finish and the coating was very high quality, we will have to see what the durability is into the future. Overall, the pistol looks excellent. The lines, while not classic, are distinctive and sleek. They have slightly narrowed the slide making this the thinnest overall 1911 I now own.

The trigger was better than I expected and I don't plan to do anything to it, and I am a trigger snob. It broke clean with very little creep or overtravel. Almost perfect for a carry piece.

The grip, for me was decent. IMHO, this should have come with thin grips from the factory. The grips are rosewood pebble texture and provided a good purchase. The MSH was checkered and looks just like my FS Kimber and DW. The front strap was, for me, checkered a little too sharply, especially for the edge meeting the middle finger. 10 magazines or so would not be an issue, but 500 rounds would probably make you bleed. The slide release was larger than need be IMHO and I might change that out but the safety was thin and about perfect. I'll likely go with a set of Ergo's for carry, or maybe VZ, thin in either case. While I would like to subdue the front strap checkering, I probably wont.

Take-down was simple and I could do it with no tools. The barrel busing was not overly tight and all of the internals did appear to be the touted match quaility tool steel parts. As compared to the Kimber Ultras and Pros, WAY easier to take-down, clean and reassemble. The slide release pops in and out of the detent very nicely (avoiding those frame scratches). Internal machining and fit was very good.

The sights are Novak 3 dot night sights. To me, the rear spread of the dots, and the notch itself, are too thin. I will likely change out the rear for something with a wider notch and no illumination. I'll also have to figure out if I need a lower rear due to the next sentence...

First magazine out of the box, 25 yards, shot into a 3" group, but about 5" above the POA. I was not about adjusting sights this time out, but that seems a tad high to me. This was repeated through with 6 types of HP ammo and 3 types of ball, 200 grain and 230 grain. Running some of my low power 200 grain ball at 700 fps, I had about 25% fail to go into battery after firing. When I used normal velocity 200 and 230 grain ball, it ran 100%. The same with 200 and 230 grain JHPs. Yep, it fed HS, Nosler, Speer and Remington JHPs with not a single malfunction. I fired right at 200 rounds total. One magazine for full power 230 JHPS with 0.2 second splits on a 25 yard target printed into 7", but still about 5" above POA. I used Wilson, Metalform, CMC and SIG facotry magazines.

All in all, I am very impressed. Fortunately, my three gripes are all easily fixed. However, I think with a little careful consideration, they would have seen the benefit of a wider rear sight notch and thinner grips. When you spend $1k, you want it right, and overall, they did.

2nd image is field stripped, D & A takes like 2 minutes! 3rd image is the top of the front strap where it cut into my middle finger. 5th image is the Sig in the middle, full size custom on the left and the Kimber Ultra Tactical on the right.
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