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thePirho and all who are willing to share their knowledge of reloading thank you for pointing the way to the yellow brick road to reloading. I too vote for stickying this thread.

ManinMirror, I'm all about every man paying his dues. I always pay my dues where paying is due. And I make sure anyone under my care does the same. But I don't believe that applies to this situation.

If you're worried about newbie horders. Don't worry I or the rest of the newbs won't buy all the reloading supplies, we still have many other steps to take before considering stocking up on supplies. If your trying to hide a secret source all for yourself, I say DON'T BE SO DARN SELFISH MAN! That source could use the business, especially in todays economy. If none of the above applies to you then just let my comments go in one eye and out the other.

I'm having a great time learning to reload inspite of all this useful information these old salts of reloading keep offering me.

Anyway, the reason I signed up with GLOCKTALK was for the comradery and the wealth of experience available to me.

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