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Originally Posted by badlands99 View Post
I was printing out the info from the TSA site and this is part of the page...

We recommend that you provide the key or combination to the security officer if he or she needs to open the container. You should remain in the area designated by the aircraft operator or TSA representative to take the key back after the container is cleared for transportation. If you are not present and the security officer must open the container, we or the airline will make a reasonable attempt to contact you. If we can't contact you, the container will not be placed on the plane. Federal regulations prohibit unlocked gun cases (or cases with broken locks) on aircraft.

That seems to contradict the previous idea of the traveler being the only one who is allowed to have the key/combi.

Has there been a change?
No but if asked to provide the combo, you can politely ask the TSA rep to give you the case so you can open it. You are obligated IMO to open it, not share the combo as that defeats TSA's rule about only you having access. I am lucky in that my Gunvaut Micro has a combo and a key. This is my opinion. Mac and others may differ.

Also, I'll be traveling on some of those small regional jets and I have a carry on bag that I can't be separated from (it has all my camera gear, IE: livelihood). Do any of you have any tips on how to deal with the crew if/when they tell me I'll have to check that bag? I can't let it get into the hands of those gorillas who throw bags around.

Thanks in advance for any info you can offer on that.
I fly on regional jets quite a bit and you will be asked to check your carry on bag at the jetway before boarding if it doesn't fit the small bins on those small jets. My carryon is 14 x 9 x 22 and it is totally legal on a regular sized plane. I always have to give it to the baggage guys before boarding. You normally get it back when you deplane. Once the airline made us go to baggage claim to get our carryons. I believe that was a screw up.

There is really no way around that. I recommend calling the airline and asking what the max size carryon size will be for the jet you will fly. This way you can hang onto it.
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