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Originally Posted by RayB View Post
Just curious... Whay are you selling your Insight WX150 and seeking a TLR-1?


P.S. Be sure to get the C4 variant of the TLR-1!
i just got a tlr-3 for my wife's xd9sc and it seems to be every bit of quality as the insight, at less price, although not quite as bright. with the new tlr-1 strobe model you get just as bright a light and all the features that the insight offers (not really helping my FS thread i know, but just trying to be honest). another reason and not a big deal at all, but i also like the "constant on" being in the down position on the tlr vs. the up position on the insight.

i think the attachment method and actual feel of the switch are superior on the wx150 vs. the tlr-3, but only slightly.

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