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Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
What are your referring to as a declaration? I've checked guns maany times, and the only tag has been placed inside the case, not outside the case, not outside the bag, every single time.
I did not say on the outside of your suitcase. If I wasn't clear I meant the signed declaration goes in your suitcase but outside the locked firearm case. Dr. Bob said the TSA agents had him put the signed declaration on the outside of the locked case, which IMO is corrrect. Some airline folks seem clueless about it. I don't think it's specified but if TSA conducts a secondary search how can they know the weapon is unloaded if they cannot see the signed tag?. You are the only one with the key to your pistol case. (If it was done by the rules)

I travel about once a month for work.

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