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Really great thread. We used your advice flying Southwest over the holidays. The skycap at the curb turned down our proffered $5 tip to escort us to the front of the check-in line when I told him we had to check weapons. His loss. We walked into the Orlando terminall and got in line; the guy at the check-in kiosk told us that we should have gone to the "full service" kiosk that had no one waiting. He seemed a little uncomfortable when I opened the Pelican Case with 3 guns in it but gave us the form to fill out. He then tucked the form inside the Pelican case, had me lock it and escorted us to the TSA guy. TSA guy shook his head and commented that the form should be taped to the outside of the Pelican case; ran our suit case throught he xray machine and put it on the conveyor belt. Coming home, person at the Pittsburgh check-in kiosk also looked uncomfortable but didn't say anything. Attached the form to the outside of the Pelican case and told us to drag our bag over to the TSA. TSA guy swabbed outside of Pelican case and got a positive reading (duh?!) and had his manager come out. Asked me to unlock Pelican, looked at the guns; relocked the pelican and the suitcase and wished us a happy new year.
Total time = about 10 or 15 minutes more each time. Pretty smooth and virtually no hassle.
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