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Originally Posted by Arcana View Post
So, does anyone know of someone who makes & sells these in real life?Can we get details? It looks like this is going to be Plan B.
I originally bought a +2 Choate extension for a Mossberg 835. The threads are the same, but the extension will go past the muzzle break. 835 is chambered for 3.5" shells, so automatically it will be longer. I took the extension to a machine shop. The guy cut the extension and made me a cap from aluminum on a CNC lathe. (the cap was supposed to be shorter, but he kinda' messed up the initial cut.)

The extension came with a different follower and spring. The hi-vis follower was binding up in my tube, so I used the original Mossberg one. Works flawlessly. The spring is going to have be cut. I think I took around 5 inches of the spring. I just kept snipping little by little until I was able to fit 7+1, which is maximum capacity for a Mossberg 590(a1) 18.5 barrel.

Aluminum can't be blued, so I'm waiting for a painter to DuraCoat/Ceracoat/whateverCoat the whole SG
Good Luck
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