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Lone wolf G21L problems and LW CS

Ok... I hope that this thread about a LW longslide is the correct forum. Three times is the charm as they say...
I bought a LW G21L complete slide from LW over a year ago. I put the upper on a new G21SF frame and it was anything but reliable. I contacted LW who had their armorer Dan call me. He asked alot of questions then had me send the slide and barrel back on THEIR dime. It came back reliable 98%.... there were also some scratches that were not there before but perhaps happened in shipping. I again talked to Dan who said he would refinish it free of charge. He also changed a few things to make it 100% reliable with the ammo I shoot!
Well Dan took the project on like it was going to be his masterpiece- and I just got the pics from him tonight and it looks great. He even threw in some extras and then called me. His exact words-" I don't want you or any lone wolf customer , using our products to be anything but 100% happy with our products!"
He also added that if I still wasn't happy- he would make it right.......

That's Customer Service for the customer!!!
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