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I have been noticing a couple of relevant things, since I have been considering a Charter .44 for a while, and watching comments about them. Both have been said, so I'll just add some corroboration.

First, Charter 200 had a reputation for quality problems that apparently plagued them throughout their tenure. The current Charter Arms has had much better reports on quality, and has made headway in restoring Charter's reputation as the providers of a good basic piece of machinery -- nothing fancy, not finely detailed, but serviceable and practical.

Charter has apparently had some notable ups and downs over the last few decades, so cowboywannabee's experience may stem from one of the down periods, or products from one. Things may be better now.

Second, I have noticed mostly positive feedback -- if any at all -- about the current Charter's customer service, so there is a good bet that they will sort this out and make it right. If they are taking on the chore, it may be good of them to back up Charter 2000 products, as they seem to be a different animal from the Charter 2000 company.

Certainly seems like Ajon412 knows whereof he speaks, and I am going to hold on to the information he provided for future reference.

Let us know how your adventure ends, as I am adding it to my assessment of Charter. Thanks.

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