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I have a Century Romanian WASR underfolder. I have had it for months and took it to the range for the 1st time today.

The original Romo magazine does wobble, but it functioned without any problems. I bought several Yugo magazines and they fit snu, no wobble at all, no JB weld required, and they function flawlessly.

I was shooting surplus Hungarian 1970's FMJ ammo. Open sights standing and sitting [no sand bags or bench rest] just shooting from a side seat postion and this rifle was surprisingly accurate. No malfunctions at all. All rounds fed, ejected and went bang.

With my shipping fee and FFL transfer fee I still paid less than $450 [i bought it from a private seller]

With my experience with this, I would seriously consider buying another. I'd have to shoot one of these higher priced AK's along side of mine to first hand see what the difference is before I'd consider buying something more expensive.
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