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Originally Posted by norton View Post
I got out to the range with my Wasr today.
It functioned fine.
As a single shot.
It would not strip rounds out of the magazine. It fired and ejected single rounds fine.
I had trouble getting the mag out, the release latch would not depress all the way without considerable force.
After about 40 rounds, and about that many times in and out of the mag well, it got allot easier.
I cleaned the barrel before I went to the range.
I will try and field strip and clean the rifle, then try again. I wonder if the bolt was not completely retracting after firing.
I was shooting steel case Wolf ammo.
Anyone else have this issue?
Oh, and you can save the "well its Romanian, what did you expect" comments.
Did you field strip clean and lube before using it your first time? I know this is several months out of date, but how about an update? How did you make out with the mag and what did you do or change? thanks
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