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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
Many guys on these blogs think of HD as the final scene in "Scareface". They watch to many movies.

Most every time if someone breaks into your home it is because they think no body is there. When they realize that someone is, they get out of there because the messed up.

Yes, there are occupied home invasions that you hear about on the news and you hear about them because they are so rare. And yes, a single woman living alone is at a greater risk for this. However, most of these occupied invasion involve drugs or large amounts of cash. This just does not affect most all of us and thinking a group of armed thugs are coming to your house is unrealistic.

If you hear a sound and think someone is out there, call out " I am Armed and on the phone with the police" then rack that pump. If someone was there you will hear a door slam or window break as they dive out it.

Thinking you can just sneak up on someone and shoot them for being in your home is wrong headed. There are ways for a person to end up there and not be intending you harm. If you are that afraid to live alone then move back in with your parents so they can protect you.
I agree with Aippi mostly, No rational person is going to stay in a home if they know there is a armed homeowner with a shotgun.

But, in my case I got a couple of barking dogs. If their noise hasn't persuaded an intruder to leave, then I'm not going to bother racking the shotgun. Besides that, racking the shotgun would eject the shell in the chamber.
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