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Originally Posted by QuietCarry View Post
I now travel the Commonwealth and was curious about places in or around Danville or Lynchburg?
We've got a few in Lynchburg.

Ace Hardware & Gun Store (Can be rather overpriced, but has a great selection)
2200 Lakeside Dr
Lynchburg, VA 24501
(434) 385-6388

Amherst Arms (just north of Lynchburg, guys seemed nice & knowledgable, have a gunsmith too, C3 but don't appear to stock any NFA items)
113 Sprouse Dr
Amherst VA 24521

Lynchburg Arms & Indoor Shooting Range (new range, stays busy, nice staff, prices seem reasonable)
113 Sunburst Rd.
Lynchburg, Va. 24501

MC Leather
I'd post an address, but he's moved twice this year and I don't have his new address (behind the cabinet shop on the opposite corner of 221 & Enterprise Dr). His selection is a little smaller, but he's a C3 dealer that tries to stock YHM suppressors. I'm in paperwork stage of purchasing one from him. His prices are the best around, for the most part. $10 transfers, even for C3 (at least that's what he told me). Seems nice enough, but I've heard stories about his special orders not going so smoothly. He usually has some of the best prices at gun shows.

Ginks Gun Shed
1290 Marcus Trail
Big Island, VA 24526-2851
(434) 299-5105
Now... this is probably one of the most unique gun 'stores' I've ever encountered. May need a 4wd to get there in the winter. Quite literally a shed in the middle of the woods, behind the owner's house. Owner is an older retired military fellow that had some sort of cancer and uses one of those voice boxes to talk. Super nice guy. His shed/shop is full of guns, probably more than most larger stores. Has suppressors and machine guns for sale (saw Mac 10 for $5300 I think). You can also rent the guns and shoot them 'out back'. Gotta follow the signs to find the place, but it's probably worth the experience. I'd peg most of his stock as 'used', rather than 'new'.

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