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I recently picked up a CA 44 Bulldog Pug (production 2009) and I'm absolutely pleased with it. I've got roughly 300 rounds or so through mine with no problems. The only adjustment I had to make was to the front sight, as mine printed 4'' low at 10 yards. Now it shoots POA/POI. The action on mine actually smoothed out after the first 100 rounds.

You're complaint seems pretty common for a CA 2000 era gun. Apparently, the CA 2000 Company had major quailty control problems. If you go to the Charter Arms website ( you can send an E-Mail to Nick Ecker, President and explain your situation. He will respond to your complaint. I corresponded with Nick before and after my purchase and he replied every time. Give him a chance to make it right, as CA has a Lifetime Warranty.

All this is just my .02 based on my personal experience with the .44 Special Bulldog Pug and Charter Arms management. If you'd like more information, just sent me a PM.
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