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New Bushmaster AR shoot today (among others)

Spinoff of "my AR is on the way" thread...

Had a great time at a private range today! The only mods I've done are a Magpul AFG & some rail covers. Got sighted in from a bench & while I was having a hard time hitting a 3" square at 100 yds, I consistently put holes in a plastic bottle from a knee at around 75 yds...?

Also shot my Glock 27, then with a 9mm barrel, my buddy's G19, my Rem 870 (rifle sights with slugs, pretty darn precise at 30 yds!), 9mm Colt 1911, .45-cal Colt 1911... we brought his Columbian wife & my Venezuelan girlfriend & they did REALLY well, despite it being their first time handling guns... before the virtual leghumping starts, pics will follow...

So I've got a question...

I LOVED the EOTech on my buddy's AR. An optic of some kind is definitely in my future. Now, once I swap to BUIS, how do I replace the fixed front sight? I'm not concerned with knocking out the pins & all that; what I'm wondering is, what do I do with the gas tube?!? Is there a back-up sight base that I can install that accepts the gas tube? Please be easy on me, this is an entirely new platform to me... I just learned how to break it down to the bolt today.

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