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Charter 2000 - 44 spl Bulldog


I was in the mood for something different, and I saw several members pics of their 44's. Well, needless to say, I wanted a big bore wheelgun in a little package. The Nightguards were out of my price range and since I can't carry in my state anyway and this was more "novelty" I figured a used Charter 2000 would fit the bill.

Seemed alright, seemed tight. Lol.

Got it to the range and the problems began:
1. the cylinder wouldn't always lock, sometimes it'd just spin and spin and spin.
2. after 2-3 rounds I couldn't fire. As in, not just difficult, but impossible to pull the trigger back.
3. after reproducing the problem 2 other times I figured I shouldn't push my luck, walked the gun back and told the old timer behind the counter what I found.
4. He started to say "its not a target gun, and ..." - I think he saw my target at this point and realized that I was pretty damm good shot, and I also was explaining to him I made sure to seat the rounds nice and deep.
4. he played with the trigger a bit, said oh **** while watching the hammer move back and forth and the cylinder not move an inch, and then proclaimed that it was indeed bad.

He said they'd take care of it, so back to Charter it goes. Hopefully things get straightened out, it was fun. I got probably 20 rds of the Blazer 200GR JHP and man that thing is a little cannon.

Anyway - anyone have .02 on what could be up? Will there be any issue as the "2000" company doesn't exist anymore - "I think?"


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