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The Hornady's are a great bullet and a true copper Jacket. I like the data that you have got from them. You would like the Zero product & pricing I am quite sure, the bullets are very uniform in sizing and weight.

The Zero Bullets are aslo a true copper jackets and I'm thinking they are slightly thicker jackets because they are made for the 38 Super performance. I'm still trying to test more of these 121 grain HP's to settle on a load to do up 500 rounds in my DT brass.

We are starting to see more companies going to plated bullets and more may go that route in the near future to use less copper. Speer's Gold Dots are of a plated design but they have great quality and uniformity specific to cartridge/caliber for expansion with core bonding in the process. I have heard many complaints about shearing and keyholing with projectiles of other manufactures. There has also been some improvements to some of those recently.(Berry)

Speer and others are also producing plated bullets which are designed for rifle use and velocities so that interesting to look into as well.

I sure wish I knew what powder Mike is using in the ones he sells. I disassembled the 90/115/125 grain GD and recorded the powder charge weights but identifing the powder has led me nowhere. The flakes are about the size of Blue dot flakes but they are more of a flatten ball type and the color is so shiny that it looks almost like chrome. His loads performed very well in my S&W 1006 5" barrel. I so want to duplicate those loads as the velocity vs. pressure was on the money.
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