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Originally Posted by _The_Shadow View Post
I'm using some Zero 121 gr 0.356" Jacketed HP from my S&W 1006 with the Bar-Sto barrel and Glock 29 with the Lone Wolf Dist. barrel. These Zero bullets were made for the 38 Super and the 9x23's so I figure they would hold together better than the Gold Dots for hunting.
I have been loading up some 115gr XTP's for hunting, but lately I've been eyeing Zero's 115gr JSP (.356/38 Super). How do you think those would fare versus a 115gr XTP @ 1750fps?

I'm thinking the 90gr-95gr JHP's @ 2000fps would be like Varmint Grenades, and the 115gr JHP/JSP's @ 1750fps would be more of a Coyote type load.
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