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I'm using some Zero 121 gr 0.356" Jacketed HP from my S&W 1006 with the Bar-Sto barrel and Glock 29 with the Lone Wolf Dist. barrel. These Zero bullets were made for the 38 Super and the 9x23's so I figure they would hold together better than the Gold Dots for hunting.

My cast bullets are sized to 0.356" also and have been great also.

I have used the Double Tap with Gold Dots which are 0.355" the 90 gr bullets are not as accurate as the 115 gr & 125 gr GD's.

I often thought the 0.357" might be to much but it seems Mike/Gun-adian's gun handles them.

BTW I'm also using the RCBS 9mm expander for mine as well.
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