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Originally Posted by albinlee View Post
If at all possible I would prefer a dark finish, such as the Ranger 2, but with an aluminum or scandium frame. Lightweight and commander size are my two biggest objectives. I really like the size of the Kimber PC II because it is a commander chopped to 4 inches, but I am shocked to hear that your Kimber won't run. That can't be common?!

Also, I like the Smith and Wesson 1911 PD, but am not sure about the external extractor for reliability? Also, does the SW have a firing pin safety attached to the trigger? That is one thing I could really live without, because I am big into trigger pull being under 5 lbs and short/crisp. I feel that for 8-900 dollar range, I should be getting a trigger like the Kimber: adjustable, and not restrained by the firing pin safety.
won't run is too harsh sounding for my problem. it fails to return to battery every now and then, so unreliable for carry is better. they all let some get by. i had a glock that wasn't right at first, too. i'll get it fixed sooner or later. and i'll say this. it has the best stock, $700 trigger i've ever felt and is a very accurate gun. i'd try another one. for every 1 that's a little out of whack like mine, there's a 1000 that run perfect. i just got unlucky.
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