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Originally Posted by Gun-adian View Post
I was having the same problem with the XTP' I used a RCBS 9mm expander die to flare the case mouth. It meant an extra step, but it worked really well.

If you want to load .357 diameter bullets like the Speer 158 gr. JHP or 110 gr. GDHP just use a .357 expander plug.

All the bullets I tried seated straight and had no feeding issues in the gun.



I've also been using the RCBS 9mm expander die, and I believe FTC is too.

While I'm at it, I've been meaning to ask about the pros & cons of using .355/.356/.357 Jacketed bullets. Should I slug my barrel to see what it actually is? I have read conflicting info about what diameter bullet the 9x25 Dillon is designed to use. Some manufacturers 9mm bullets are strictly .355, and some are strictly .356, so I'm a little lost.
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