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Originally Posted by Scouse View Post
The funny thing about the Gills, they are cut back-wards! You grip more positively pulling forward.

No big deal, you still can pull the slide back, I carry one, a Glock 19, my problem? not sure if I can call it a problem, my hands and feet do not sweat, so the RTF2 finish is the way for me to go. But it is too rough! Took skin off.
I had to take it down with a file (just enough to still grip well, the side on the outside, I had too dremel, it was pulling the shirt)

Looks like a pro G19 now.
All it took for me to tame my 3 RTF2's was a light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper. I cannot imagine using a file and dremel? Why not just buy a Gen 3?
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