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If at all possible I would prefer a dark finish, such as the Ranger 2, but with an aluminum or scandium frame. Lightweight and commander size are my two biggest objectives. I really like the size of the Kimber PC II because it is a commander chopped to 4 inches, but I am shocked to hear that your Kimber won't run. That can't be common?!

Also, I like the Smith and Wesson 1911 PD, but am not sure about the external extractor for reliability? Also, does the SW have a firing pin safety attached to the trigger? That is one thing I could really live without, because I am big into trigger pull being under 5 lbs and short/crisp. I feel that for 8-900 dollar range, I should be getting a trigger like the Kimber: adjustable, and not restrained by the firing pin safety.
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