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Originally Posted by BlayGlock View Post
Stay away from buying a Para sight unseen. They have horrible QC and even worse customer service. The trigger on my LTC was crap, the sights were off, and it would not feed my reloads when all my other 1911s do. I could have fixed those things, but seeing as how this was my second crap Para I just traded it with full disclosure. My first Para would not run at all from the box without some major work. I returned it from whence it came as well.

OTOH, Except for some quick finish wear I have had pretty good luck with the Kimbers that I have owned.
my expierence with kimbers qc wasn't much better. and i have a pc11 that won't run. and the finish wears very easily. that said, i had and traded an original pc that was perfect in every way. difference between producing 5000 guns a year to 50000 a year. that's the last gun i've sold and i'm very sorry i did it, as i really like the pro carry. have not quite kicking myself for it. not bashing kimber, just relating my expierence.

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