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I had a Para once. Promptly sold it off. Did not have any problems with it at all I just didn't like the double stack. As far as Kimbers go I always wanted one but kept reading all the horror stories about them until I came to this site. Here we have Quack,Drc767, Jrsaccord, Bac, and others, and all have nothing but good things to say about them. I trust these guys more because they all have impressive collections and experience with 1911s. They can back up their claims as opposed to someone who had an uncles cousin neighbors' friend that had one ftf in 1987 and that makes all Kimbers junk. Like I stated earlier I have never owned a Kimber but would not hesitate on buying one that these guys would recommend.
Here is a pic of the Para 14.45 I used to have.
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