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Kimber vs. Para vs. ???

Hey Folks,

I have spent awhile perusing these 1911 forums, as I am getting ready to make the leap from being a Glock only guy . I am looking for a commander sized 1911 without a rail, with the good stuff like a beaver tail, skeletonized hammer and trigger, extended controls, etc. My budget would be somewhere between 800-900, based on my research, mostly because I want this gun to last me until I have children to pass it on to. I have been looking closely at two models, the Kimber Pro Carry 2 in black, and the Para LTC (alloy). The reason I am interested in these two is because I would like an aluminum, lightweight receiver. Also, they seem to be very reasonably priced, while including most of the options I would like to have (front strap checkering is not a huge deal to me). I am very picky about spending my hard earned $ on quality options, up to a reasonable standard. I am aware that the Kimber uses MIM for some of their parts, but cannot find info on the Para. Also, I am leaning toward the Kimber based on the good things I have heard about them, as well as the fact that the type II internal safety is actuated by the grip safety, rather than the trigger (which is good!)

Can anyone provide any personal experience with either company, or better yet, each specific pistol? Also, I would love to hear people's advice on what they think might be a better alternative to those two, budget in mind. Thanks!
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