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Originally Posted by AustinTx View Post
Thank you & thank you, just when I don't expect to find anything new and interesting, on GT, SHAZAAM, it happens.

'Frame harmonics' is the perfect name for the problem occurring here, IMO. I believe, if some very high speed movies were taken, of Glocks firing, we would see some strange frame shapes. I can't remember ever seeing a picture of a shell case blowing out, in the 6 O'clock chamber position, until Glock came along. It's sorta like he said, if your Glock works, keep it.

Finally, a breath of fresh air!
Ever heard of a 1911 .38 Super? I thought they used to be notorious for that.

However, things were generally better contained than on a plastic-framed pistol. And the issue even with them was too much pressure in a barrel that didn't offer enough case support. I think that is all it boils down to: chamber opened up enough to ensure reliability leaves a little too much case web unsupported. Get even a little more than a 3-sigma deviation in pressure on the high side, and you get a blow-out in the weakest area, 6 o'clock. Pressure is released into an area that is not designed to contain it, and the frame ruptures.

All that being said, I'll still stand by what I said above. But I won't be doing any kind of fiddling with my G23 unless it has an aftermarket barrel in it (with a tighter chamber).
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