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LOL... Nice. (I thought my question had slipped through the cracks, actually. (Or was too stupid to answer... I preferred the former interpretation. )

Anyway, I know that BO with oil as a sealer, for example, does provide additional protection (vis a vis the standard salt test, at least) relative to bare stainless.

Can you provide some quantification of how your finish options stand up to standardized testing?

So, I see on your website BO on stainless listed at 96 hours salt spray per Mil-C-13924B
(I'm assuming that's after oiling? Are there better pore sealants to use than gun oil?)

Rogard says "1000 hours salt spray MIL-STD-TEST" Is that the same Mil-C-13924B salt spray test?

Then NP3 says "NP3 is very corrosion resistant, a 1 mil (.001) coating exceeding a 240 hour salt spray test." Same test?

If so, this will clarify my choices for me, since it then would appear Rogard is clearly superior on the external faces, from a protective standpoint, while NP3 would be the coating to use on the internals due to its lubricity.

Then the remaining question is how do these compare to properly applied Cerakote? Duracoat?



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