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Originally Posted by FTC View Post
do you guys have problems with bullets seating crooked? is it even a big deal? nothing terrible but noticeable by eye. am i belling the case too much or not enough? or is it just making sure the bullet starts straight? they tend to tip in the case before being seated. im running a dillon die set thru a single stage with an RCBS 9mm expander.
I had issues initially with XTP's seating crooked using the Dillon seater die. I tried both sides of the seater plug, and both RCBS 9mm seater stems in an RCBS 10mm seater die. I tried making sure the bullets were perfectly straight before seating. I tried seating them really slowly. I also tried slamming down the handle on my press to see if seating them faster would make them straight. The only thing that helped me was belling the cases more. I still get the occasional slightly crooked XTP, but for the most part they are all seating straight now. I did a google search, and found out that the 9mm XTP is difficult to seat straight in general. I want to try 90gr GDHP's, maybe 95gr MG JHP's, and 115gr MG or Zero JHP's to see if they are easier to seat straight than the XTP's are.
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