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Yeah, that's a pretty good price new, ballpark anyway. Of course you have to factor in local sales taxes too. I have a deal in the pipeline, since I don't have the gun yet I hate to talk. It's an H&K with less than 100 rounds at a fair savings over retail. Of course one has to factor in transfer,shipping & all. I don't have a problem with a few rounds through the gun if all else checks out.

I try not to low ball to much, especially if the deal is reasonable. I had a guy a while back say not only was my offer to low, he was going to block my e-mail. I guess I peeved him off some. I just check prices & see what things are SELLING for. I may factor in the benefits of an easy FTF cash sale. I think it can be easier to get a few freebies thrown in than getting the price down a bunch. When selling you have to be ready for some lowball offers. That reminds me of a garage sale I had ONCE.

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