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Originally Posted by New2GT View Post
Great thread, thanks for the writeup.

I am going to be flying with checked firearms for the first time next weekend. I am flying to GA to go quail hunting, so I will be packing a shotgun w/ 28" barrel.

My only question is, Mac's writeup focused on carrying a pistol in a small locked hard container which itself resides inside an unlocked (or TSA compliant locked) piece of baggage. What about for those of us with long guns who where the hard case itself is the luggage.

I plan on purchasing this SKB 50" double long gun case:

I am ok checking this as a single piece of luggage and have it locked with only myself having the key/combo, correct? I do plan to have a few other items in the case in addition to the shotgun - some ammo, a knife, and what the heck I might as well pack my S&W 642 for legal concealed carry while I'm in GA. The ammo will all be in original cardboard boxes. This will be my only piece of checked luggage so the ammo, knife etc. will have to be locked in this same case.

Is this the correct way to go about it?
Not only is it legal, I know some guys who do exactly what you want even if just carrying a pistol. Maximum security since their "luggage" is now their locked gun case. i may buy a big Pelican case so I can do the same thing.
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