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Hello lwb,

Thermal systems of all types (viewers, weapon sights, boat mounted, car mounted, etc.) is a relatively new technology in the sence that it has been developed to a degree that both the price and actual size of the equipment have been reduced to a level that civilians can afford and use effectively.

Therefore, you will not see much activity for this product nich other than with the predator hunting crowd. (Pest control of hogs, coyotes, etc.) The best hand-held thermals are still the L-3 mini X series and the FLIR H series. Both systems are used by a multitude of law enforcement agencies and military units across the services. Their primary mission is to "detect and locate" a potential threat (or in search & rescue mode for a lost victim) in all types of weather conditions. Especially when fog or other atmospheric conditions limit the usefull effective range of traditional NV devices.

The key is to deploy thermal or NV devises when the conditions warrant it. One technology supplements the other to successfully complete the mission.

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Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corporation
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