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Originally Posted by DeltaNu1142 View Post
That's pretty much it. This wouldn't be the first thing I grab in a HD situation. It's a playtoy for the range. First to go is the carry handle once I can pick up some optics. And I was thinking I like the Troy Industries flip-ups.

My brother configured it. He manufactures these rifles for a living, and if it's alright I'll take his input over yours--but your patronizing tone is always welcome. Like nuts dangling from a pickup's bumper or those stick-on fender vents on Chrysler sedans, it helps with figuring out the kinda guy you are.
Don't listen to the haters, that is a damned nice rifle and your brother knows what he is doing. The carry handle with A2 sights will do you fine for the present. I have built many rifles that way for friends/family until they figure out what they want for optics. Once you decide on the optic, then pic up a Troy BUIS with it. The important thing is you can take your gun to the range in its present condition.

As far as accessories go, that is really going to depend on what you do with it. For the time being I would just get mags and ammo, then start saving for an optic. If you are leaning towards a defensive carbine, expect to pay $400-$500 for a decent red dot sight. An ACOG will cost double that. Once you have the optic, you can start looking at lights, VFG's and the like.

Congrats on the gun!
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