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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
I'd loose the big, bulky, heavy and basically antiquated rear iron sight. I'd get a lighter LaRue version if you must have the mil-spec style knobs though. Or if your on a budget, get a Magpul MBUS. They're light and work well.
It looks like you want to use it as a SHTF, close quarters, HD, range fun gun? So a red dot optic would be a good investment also...just my 2 cents.
That's pretty much it. This wouldn't be the first thing I grab in a HD situation. It's a playtoy for the range. First to go is the carry handle once I can pick up some optics. And I was thinking I like the Troy Industries flip-ups.

Originally Posted by Bushflyr View Post
The goodie you should have been looking into was research. Then you would have known to get a midlength gas system with a 16" barrel. Better luck next time. Send it to ADCO and have it cut to a 12.5" and SBR it.
My brother configured it. He manufactures these rifles for a living, and if it's alright I'll take his input over yours--but your patronizing tone is always welcome. Like nuts dangling from a pickup's bumper or those stick-on fender vents on Chrysler sedans, it helps with figuring out the kinda guy you are.
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