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Originally Posted by racerford View Post
The problem is, how do we know that the same situation is not in play today? There have been several reports recently of attempts or successes in manipulating PM prices in the market.

Back in the day, it was the Hunt Brothers that manipulated the market. Who is to say it is not Soros or some other wealthy person, family, or saavy investment firm jacking with the market. In some ways it is easier, and in some ways it could be harder. I know that where there is a will there is a way. These people do not care about the damage they do to others. They do not care if they damage the economies of whole countries or of the world, as long as their personal economy is better off. In some cases the damage they do is part of what they are trying to achieve, in addition to making themselves more money.
But those manipulations were false ownerships AFAIK. In other words, they said they had a ton of PM's and really had nowhere close to those figures. Much different than some entity actually buying up all of the PM's (Silver) as the Hunt brothers did.

They started printing a massive amount of bills last week AFAIK and what we're seeing seems to be the devaluing of our currency because of it. Remember, PM's stay at a constant. They will always buy the same amount of goods. It's the world's currencies that move up or down around the PM's.

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