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Originally Posted by racerford View Post
Wow, we are almost to the 60% of the recent (last 50 years) historical high of silver un-adjusted for inflation. Can someone call the timing and value of the top of the market? What is the round trip transaction cost for say 30 physical Troy Oz of Silver so I can understand what it will take for me to recover my investment?
The problem with the $54 historical high for silver was it was a phony high, caused by the Hunt brothers trying to corner the market. At one point they had half the world's deliverable supply. Later the price crashed 50% in one day.

I don't view precious metals as an investment (though they are a good one right now). I view them as insurance. I buy/sell all mine through EBay. When buying you're not going to find a local dealer that will be cheaper. When selling you'll pay 9% commission to EBay. That's about the best you'll be able to do.

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