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Welcome to Glock Talk. I'm relatively new to GT, too. There are a lot of great resources here.

I understand your wanting to do your research. Half the fun for me is the research and anticipation of which gun and why you will enjoy it so.

My first check would be the customer service department of some of the big gun companies, i.e., Sig, Glock, Wilson, etc. They have marketing reports that they publish internally to educate their staff. I'm certain that the marketing departments know these number forward and backward. For instance, engineers and manufacturing guys might come up with great stuff, but if marketing and accounting don't jive then their great ideas never come to fruition. If you can some how get one of their analyst on the line, you would hit the jack pot on relevent information.

Anyways, more to where the rubber meets the roads. You can make the numbers say anything. Sometimes money numbers speak the loudest. My first gun was a Sig P226 in 9mm. It was so affordable and enjoyable. It was a great gun to get started. I learned how to control the trigger, and am still learning everyday. I could not fully take it apart, though. One of the reasons why I love my Glock 9mm is because it is so easy to fully detail strip. And I think I completely understand how to works.

Anyway, I hope you find that your analysis leads you to the right gun(s).

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