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Originally Posted by Careby View Post
Barter is always based on the needs of the parties. Let's say I'm a hungry old man with a stockpile of .22LR ammo. A young man with a rifle may be willing to trade me rabbits for ammo. How many rounds of ammo is a rabbit worth? Certainly more than one, since it takes one to shoot the rabbit. Two would allow the hunter to shoot one rabbit for me and one for his family, but wouldn't allow for misses or practice. We'll eventually agree on an exchange rate that works for both of us. If there is more than one hunter or more than one ammo trader in town we'll have to be competitive. Neither of us will have any real need for silver unless and until it becomes accepted as money in our local economy, as it probably will as time goes on.

(The moral of the story is no matter how much silver you have, always have a pile of ammo, too.)
Interesting comparison about the rabbit/ammo. But it sounded a little too easy going for my liking. What if a box or two is the going rate? What if you don't have that kid's caliber? I know everyone thinks that come TEOTWAWKI, everyone will have a .22lr gun...but what if they don't? They hunt everything with a .460S&W but will accept .45Colt and .454 Casull as well...

I just like playing devil's advocate and throwing wrenches in the works sometimes. But mainly because you specified .22lr. I'm not a believer in the idea that post SHTF, we'll be bartering with .22lr...even though I'm sitting on a mountain of it.

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