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Originally Posted by UneasyRider View Post
I think that all products are adjusting their value every day. Like a cotton shirt that got better in quality and cheaper to purchase do to advances in technologies. Compared to gold over time it would have changed it's reletive value. I think that it's like that for just about everything. There are a lot of other things that would change a products relative value, such as when they have competition from from a newly developed product.

So IMHO PM's are what they are and like all products they will change in relative value when compared to anything else and that would mean inflation and deflation depending what you compare it to and at what time.
I sort of see what you mean but at the same time it seems like some things cancel each other out...

Quality improves but it gets cheaper to produce...shouldn't the price go down?

New products are released but there's competition in the marketplace...again..shouldn't the price go down?

But overall, I can see a LOT of things that haven't changed (much) in the last 50 years and yet the prices aren't what they used to be exponentially speaking.


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